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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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Get to know Assabet's Program of Study

Get to know Assabet's Program of Study

High school graduation marks the beginning of a lifelong need for new learning, skill enhancement and personal fulfillment. Flexible opportunities and varied programs for adults enrich the educational experience of all students. 
Pages Under Stude More >

Pages Under Stude More >


- Curriculums, Course Selection, Extra Help Signups


Assabet Community Education

- Adult Education Programs for the Community: After Dark, ATI, LPN, & Summer Youth


Back To School

- Bus routs, Schedules, Supplies, Important Dates and More


Career Focused Writing

-DESE CTE Frameworks Strand 3 Embedded Academics, Strand 4 Employability and Strand 5 Management and Entrepreneurship


DESE Profile / Report

- District Report Card & MCAS


Learning Commons (Library)

- Library Catalog, Online Databases, Reference Tools


Program of Study

- Designed to support and enhance the high school vocational pursuits of our student body, and, to encourage and prepare students for learning beyond high school


Technical Programs

-The Clusters and their Programs, Senior Projects, Co-Op Work Opportunities


Title I

- Finances, Selection Processes