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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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Technical Programs

Education is shaped by society to satisfy certain needs, both general and specific, current and anticipated and should be a composite of vocational, technical, and academic courses. Vocational/Technical education is an integral part of education and is designed primarily to prepare students to enter the workforce with marketable occupational skills upon leaving high school. Such an education must include an academic base, which will support and enhance vocational/technical skills as well as prepare students for life in a pluralistic society.

The technical/academic schedule is constructed on a weekly rotation basis in which students receive technical program instruction one school week and academic instruction the next school week.
Skills attained by students in their technical programs prepare them to enter the workforce, either through cooperative employment while attending Assabet or immediately upon graduation. Skills attained also better prepare students to enter post-secondary education in areas associated with the technical skills they have attained at Assabet.

The Cooperative Program, “Co-Op”

Junior and senior students who meet and maintain the eligibility requirements may take part in The Cooperative Program.  The cooperative placement position must be in the career-technical area studied. The cooperative office is a source of possible placements currently available; students are also encouraged to seek out local employers. Before employment begins, the position will be evaluated to ensure a viable learning experience. Students must complete a ten (10) hour safety training and certification program. (i.e. OSHA, Career Safe). Learn More


Bryant LaFlamme, Director of Technical Programs | 508-485-9430  
Maria Bennes, Assistant Director of Technical Programs | 508-485-9430  
Gayle Ripley, Vocational Office Administrative Assistant