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World Languages

Assabet Valley recognizes the importance of offering world languages to its students. We strongly encourage all college-bound students to take a minimum of 2 years of a foreign language. This fulfills the requirement that many college admissions programs are looking for students to have. 
The ability to communicate with others is of vital importance in the world today. As international business and travel expand, they bring an increased need and opportunity to interact with people from other cultures.
Not only must students develop an ability to communicate with people in a variety of languages, but also they must develop an understanding and appreciation of the variety of cultures in Spanish and other world language-speaking countries to compete in a global society. By teaching world languages, we prepare our students to become productive citizens of our democratic society and of the world.


SPANISH I (GRADES 9, 10, 11, 12)
Course:   511A & 511B             Level:  1          Credits:  3

This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture.  Emphasis is placed on developing listening and pronunciation skills, beginning techniques in reading and writing, vocabulary acquisition, and communication in the present tense. Hispanic culture is also presented and explored.  Students will be expected to create projects regarding the cultures of several Spanish-speaking countries.

SPANISH II   (GRADES 9, 10, 11, 12)
Course:   512A & 512B             Level:  1          Credits:  3

This course is for students who have successfully completed level I Spanish.  It is designed to increase students’ ability in the four components of learning a language:  listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Students continue their study of basic language concepts with increased emphasis on the target language as means of communication. Students also increase their awareness of the many Hispanic cultures by creating a variety of projects and presentations.  

Course:   515A & 515B             Level:  1          Credits:  3

This course is for students who have successfully completed level II Spanish.  It is intended to expand the use of all four language skills with more complex use of language and comprehension of more sophisticated topics.  To achieve a higher level of proficiency, emphasis is placed on extensive grammar study and expansion of vocabulary through topical and text selections.  Analysis continues of Hispanic culture and customs through the development of cultural projects and presentations.

Course: multiple               Level:  1          Credits:  3

The ability to speak a foreign language is becoming increasingly important in our global society. The World Language Lab will allow students additional opportunities to learn other languages besides our traditional Spanish offerings. Assabet Valley has added both the Rosetta Stone Classroom Immersion online program and the Fluenz Online Language Immersion program to our World Languages department. 
The World Language Lab will be a teacher-facilitated language course where students who meet specific requirements may take any of the thirty (30) languages offered by the Rosetta Stone online language immersion program or the seven (7) offerings from Fluenz. 

Students who are recommended for the World Language Lab program will need to apply for one of the seats. All students will be expected to reach identified language and vocabulary benchmarks as well as participate in non-software program cultural reading and writing activities.

Course: multiple Level: multiple Credits: 1.5/3

Our Apex, PLATO, Suite360, and Rosetta online curriculum programs provide original credit and credit recovery for Assabet Valley students based on guidance and administration recommendations. Apex online comprehensive courses meet high school graduation requirements and address the needs of all students, from building foundational skills to creating opportunities for advanced coursework.


Ms. deLima, World Languages Teacher
Ms. Picucci, Spanish Teacher
Mr. Martinez Caraballo, World Languages Teacher
Michelle Roach, Assistant to the Director of Academics | 508-485-9430


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