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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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Course Selection

Please take the time to carefully review the information on this page and any other resources provided to assist you in selecting the best courses based on your current and future goals.


  1. Log into your iPass account
  2. Change the school year to next year's dates
  3. Review and approve teacher recommendations
  4. Choose between 2 to 4 elective courses
  5. Hit submit


If you do not agree with a teacher's recommendation, you may add your own recommendation under the appropriate heading.
"By Recommendation Only"
Students will be placed in "by recommendation only" courses if necessary by certain criteria. Do not attempt to select these courses as you will not be eligible to choose them for yourself.

"A" VS. "B"

Only choose courses offered at your grade level for next year.
  • Current grade 10 students should pick course with an A (e.g. 151A)
  • Current grade 9 & 11 students should pick courses with a B (e.g. 151B)


Elective choices are based on space available and scheduling constraints. There is no guarantee students will get desired choices.

Courses Requiring Approval

Students requesting the following courses must complete the "Application for Courses Requiring Approval":
      • Directed Study Hall Opt-Out
      • 7th Course
      • Future Steps: Quinsigamond Community College
      • Pre-Engineering Program
      • More than 2 AP Classes (rising juniors and seniors only)
      • World Language Lab
      • Athletic Training/Director Aide
      • Online Course Platforms
Students receiving schedules, with teachers helping them read the papers


Michele Nichols, Student Services Administrative Assistant | 508-263-9626
Robert McCann, III, Director of Academic Programs & Title I | 508-263-9605
Michelle Roach, Assistant to the Director of Academics | 508-485-9430