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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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Art, Music

"We live in a world full of music, images, words, and movement. Most students already have deep and personal relationships with the arts—they are apt to have passionate opinions about favorite musicians or actors. The twenty-first-century classroom and workplace includes people from diverse cultures and experiences and perspectives who must learn and work together. To be college and career ready, students need to understand and appreciate other perspectives and cultures. One way in which students learn about views different from their own is through the examination and performance of artistic works from varying cultures, historical periods, and genres. Deep study of works of art from around the world helps students become aware of how their own culture shapes attitudes and aesthetic values.”
- The Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Frameworks
The Music Department and the Art Department of Assabet Valley Regional Vocational High School seek to offer education in art techniques and music education to all interested students.  The departments…
  • Provide students with opportunities for artistic and musical growth and increased aesthetic sensitivity.
  • Provide students with performance & gallery showing opportunities.
  • Provide a vehicle for students to connect with their community.
  • Provide students a means to acquire artistic skills.
  • Provide students with additional experiences to maximize their growth.


Mr. Tenzar, Music
Ms. Gaide, Art
Michelle Roach, Assistant to the Director of Academics | 508-485-9430


A student playing saxophone
A student with art
Band teacher and student play in gym
Students in the art classroom working on projects
Students on stage in a group
Students in the art classroom