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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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Making Payments

A person behind a desk reaching up to a hand with a check in it in an office setting
Making Payments

Making Payments

Did you receive an invoice from Assabet, or do you need to pay for services from one of our shops? Maybe you're looking to pay for...
Other payments for...
        • Class Dues
        • Prom Tickets
        • Lost Books
        • Cosmo Kit
        • Chromebook Repair and Replacement
        • AP & PSAT
        • LPN Dues
Check your email for an invoice from MySchoolBucks to complete your payment for the above items.
For services rendered in a shop, check your email for an invoice from Square
Assabet is transitioning to a cashless environment. Payments with cash or check for class dues may be made in the front office during school hours as an exception for extenuating circumstances. The Business Office does not accept cash. 
If you have not received an invoice that you are expecting, please check with the shop that provided the service or the class officer.
If you have received an invoice that you were NOT expecting, or if you have any hesitation or concern at all, please call the school so that we may verify the legitimacy of the invoice. Click here to learn about Phishing and Fake Invoice Scams
Class dues

Class dues

For class-due payments please reach out to your class advisor.
9th Grade- Peter Collins
10th Grade- Sarah McCann
11th Grade- Nicole Frencic
12th Grade-


Front Office:
Elizabeth Baldelli, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principals | 508-263-9612
Maura Sieller, Administrative Assistant to the Principal | 508-485-9430 ext. 1458
Business Office:
Mary Ann Figueroa, Administrative Assistant