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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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Principal's Office

Dear Students & parents,

Dear Students & parents,

For those of you that are new to the Assabet community, I am Mark Hollick, the Principal here at Assabet Valley.
I would like to take this time to welcome each student. Personally, I am very excited about you, our student body. I know our seniors, juniors and sophomores and I now look forward to getting to know our freshman class.
Every human being has within themself an ‘intrinsic motivation”. This is defined as doing something because we just like to do it. The reward is personal, it creates an internal reward. It is my sincere hope that this school year each of you finds your “intrinsic motivation”. Each of you personally dedicates yourself to the excellence that is within you. From what do you derive pleasure? Is it reading? Math? Science? Perhaps it’s the pursuit of understanding electricity, plumbing or learning how to weld or to help those who are sick.
Whatever you love, whatever brings you a personal reward, Assabet has it available. If you already understand your intrinsic motivation, I encourage you to pursue it with passion. Raise your personal level of expectation and accomplish much.
If you aren’t sure what creates your internal reward, then I encourage you to investigate your interests, become engaged in it and be persistent. I encourage all of you to believe in your ability to succeed. That belief will play a major role in how you approach your school year.
I look forward to working with you as you complete your high school adventure.
Hand signature, 'sincerely Mark Hollick'