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Special Education



Assabet's Special Education Department is dedicated to helping students access the general education curriculum and addressing individual needs. 

Special Education services are provided within the inclusion setting, on a ten-day cycle. Academic instruction is provided during the first week of the cycle. Vocational instruction is provided during the second week.  
Related services are provided to address specific students' needs by a staff of guidance counselors, adjustment counselors, school psychologists, and speech and language therapists.



My child has Special Education services. What happens after I apply?

  1. In April, the Assabet Special Education office will receive a list of accepted students. Special Education status is not a factor in acceptance to Assabet.

  2. Assabet Special Education office staff will confirm the Special Education status of the students.

  3. Assabet staff will coordinate a Team meeting with the sending school district, parent, and student to discuss the Assabet IEP.

  4. The Team propose a new IEP and mail it to the parent for review in July.

  5. The parent always has the right to accept, partially accept, or reject the proposed IEP.

  6. Assabet staff will be available to answer any questions.

What happens at the Assabet Team meeting?

  1. The sending school provides background information of student.

  2. Team reviews current IEP and proposes services at Assabet. (This may look different from service delivery from sending school.)

  3. Review Course selection for Fall.

  4. Brief overview of Shop selection process. 

  5. Additional questions and answers as time permits.

How can I participate in the Team meeting?

Parents and Students may participate in a number of ways:
  1. Directly at the team meeting by providing input.

  2. Completing Parent/Student input form provided at the team meeting either by hard copy or link.

  3. Contacting us by phone or email.

What are the academic services vs. vocational services?

In academics, Special Education teachers assist teachers to provide accommodations in the classroom in English, Math, Study Skills, Science, and Social Studies. Co-Taught classes provide specialized instruction in an inclusion setting. Consultation service is provided in Science and Social Studies.
Vocational instruction is provided, in person,  by regular education instructors in each individual technical area.  Special Education Vocational Consultation is provided by Special Education teachers assigned to the technical areas.  Service is identified on the individual student’s IEP.

What are related services?

The Assabet School Psychologist and Consulting Psychologist provide individual therapeutic sessions during a student’s Academic week. 
Service is also available, as needed, during the student’s Vocational week.
Group Counseling/Adjustment Counseling is provided to students, per their IEP, during a student’s Vocational week. 
Students and parents may also contact an Adjustment Counselor as needed.
Speech and Language service and other therapies are also provided per the IEP.
Additional therapies as required by the IEP may be implemented.


Kara Westerman, Director of Special Education | 508 485 9430 ext 1418
Thomas Callinan, Team Chairperson | 508 485 9430 ext 1709
Sharon O'Brien-Iovino, Administrative Assistant | 508 485 9430 ext 1476
Genevieve Breton, Administrative Assistant | 508 485 9430 ext 1426



Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns or would like additional information.

Special Education Calendar

Special Education Calendar