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Student Health

To report COVID19 illness please inform our designated COVID-19 Liaison

To report COVID19 illness please inform our designated COVID-19 Liaison

The services of a registered nurse are available to any student in the case of sudden illness or accident. First aid* will be administered, and the parent or guardian will be notified immediately. In the event of a serious injury or extreme medical emergency, the student will be transported via ambulance to Marlboro Hospital, and parents will be notified immediately.

Please do not hesitate to call the office with any questions!


Health Services

School Health Services include vision, hearing,  postural, and BMI screenings as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Physical examinations by a physician are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. One current physical exam is required to be on file in the nurse's office by the end of Sophomore year. Parents are still encouraged to have their children seen at least annually by the family physician.

Communication between the parent or guardian and the school nurse relative to any health problems concerning the student is encouraged and welcomed. A student's medical problem that could affect his/her performance, safety, or general well being during school hours should be brought to the attention of a school nurse.

Parent & Guardians Role

Parents and guardians have a major role in the health and well-being of their children. It is important for the school nurse and the parent/guardian to work together in providing a healthy learning experience for their child. Parents and guardians can assist in this process by sending in completed health forms, including the emergency contact information card, and providing updates to contact information throughout the school year.
Please supply the nurses' office with the following:
Freshmen and Sophmores (grade 9 and 10)
- One copy of physical exam (current upon school entry)
ALL Students (grades 9-12)
- Medication Forms for all prescription and over-the-counter medications. ALL medications must be delivered by a parent or guardian in the labeled bottled (refer to the Student Handbook).
- EpiPen and Inhaler Forms

Medication Administration

Students who must have medication administered during the school day are required to do so under the supervision and assistance of the school nurse and with the prescription of a physician. All medications are to be delivered to school by an adult from home, and all medications will be kept under the control of the nurse in the health office.

When a student repeatedly fails to report for scheduled medications they will be referred to the Assistant Principal's Office for remediation including consultation with the parent and/or guardian.

Vision and Hearing Screening

According to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, section 57, students require vision screening "in the year of school entry, annually through grade 5, once in grades 6 - 8, and once in grade 9-12". Students require hearing screenings "in the year of school entry, annually through grade 3, once in grades 6-8, and once in grades 9-12."
Vision and Hearing Screenings will be preformed on all grade 9 students.
Parents/Guardians are always notified when their child does not pass the vision and/or hearing screenings at school. If you have any concerns at any time about your child's vision or hearing, please contact the school nurse's office for assistance.

Postural Screening

The purpose of postural screening is to identify early signs of spinal problems. Most scoliosis and other spinal issues can be easily treated if they are detected early. Postural Screening is done in grades 5-9. Girls and Boys are screened separately, and privacy is respected at all times. Any suspicious findings are reported to parents/guardians, and if necessary, proof of a follow-up physician evaluation may be requested.

BMI Screening

In accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, schools are required to preform height, weight, and body mass index (BMI) for students in grade 1, 4, 7 and 10. Height and weight will be preformed on all grade 10 students. Girls and boys are measured separately and privacy is respectd at all times.
*First aid is immediate temporary care, which excludes the administration of medication. The nurses' office does not treat illness or accidents that happen outside the school jurisdiction. 


Phone: 508-263-9671
Fax: 508-485-5357
Karen Reed RN BSN M.Ed. NCSN, Full Time Nurse | 508-263-9671
Lori Leahy RN BSN NCSN, Full Time Nurse | 508-263-9671
Alyssia Berghaus, COVID-19 Liaison | 508-263-9626


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