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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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IT Support / Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is located in B204A

The Helpdesk is located in B204A

Students / Parents Support Guide

Passwords / Accounts
If a student does not know their password / is unable to sign into a desktop/iPass/IXL/etc., the student should fill out this account reset request form.
Students should be submitting their own requests whenever possible. Parents and teachers can submit a request on behalf of the student if they do not know their Google password. If they are unable to sign into their Chromebook, this does not mean they need their Google password reset; please check the Chromebook error messages below before requesting a password reset for them.
Parents - Click here to submit an account reset request on behalf of a student, or for your own Assabet account (i.e. iPass)
Teachers - Click here to submit an account reset request on behalf of a student.
Chromebook Error Messages
Chromebooks require a steady WIFI connection to sign in. When you get an error message such as, "something went wrong" or "connected but no Internet" —these errors are because the device does not have a strong WIFI connection. When this happens, you can try restarting the device, moving it to a different location, or letting it sit—sometimes Google just needs a few minutes to catch up. 
Chromebooks will give the student a specific error message "Wrong password. Try again" when the password they are using needs to be reset. 
Chromebooks with: "This device has been locked", "Enrollment error", or "Updates required"—these are instances when you should send the student to the Helpdesk.
If the screen is blank and all white, this is a WIFI issue.
If the screen is blank and all black, this is a Helpdesk issue. 
The Helpdesk
For any tech support that is not password related, students should visit the Helpdesk - B204A first thing in the morning, and/or at the end of the day. This is where they can sign out and return day loaners, get their damaged device looked at, etc. It is on the left side of the B206 computer lab hallway, staffed by our co-op students. 
If you are a parent needing to talk to someone about a Chromebook invoice, please direct your inquires to Mrs. Katelyn Boudreau, Director of Education Technology 

Staff / Faculty Support Guide

Please submit a ticket on Operations Hero for any IT questions or support. If it's something you just need to ask us real quick, submit it as a ticket. We will reach out to talk when we reach your ticket in the queue. We know some things feel 'small' or 'simple' that you want to chat with us about in the hall or send an email about, but the only way we can keep track of all these little things is if they are in the queue with the big things. Help us help you!
If you are stuck because you can't sign into Operations Hero, call us at x1414 or x2644. We won't be able to communicate via email once your password is reset anyways, so calling in this scenario is your best bet!
Please do not send us any identifying student information via Operations Hero. If you have a non-helpdesk non-password related student technology problem, you can submit a ticket without any identifying info, i.e. "I have an unnamed student who uses a chrome extension at home that we want to enable here..." We will reach out as needed for clarifying information via email or telephone when we reach that ticket in the queue. 

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Located on the Second Floor

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Students Using 1:1 Program Devices in Class

students on computers

One of the Multiple Computer Labs Throughout the Building