Business Technology

Business Technology Vocational Promo from Assabet TV on Vimeo.

Utilizing current office technology, equipment, and software programs, students will prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, create career portfolios, and complete client projects. They experience the business environment through the internship work within the school's administrative offices and junior/senior cooperative placement opportunities.

In addition to technical skills, the major emphases of the curriculum are effective communication and critical thinking and problem solving skills. Specialized instruction is provided based on student skill levels and interests. Graduates begin careers in a wide venue of business opportunities or pursue further education in business, administration, finance, management, etc.

Business Technology provides hands-on training in:

  • Data entry
  • Word processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Spreadsheet applications (Microsoft Excel)
  • Database creation and management (Microsoft Access)
  • Multimedia presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Indexing and filing
  • Financial literacy
  • Manual and computerized accounting (QuickBooks)
  • Web page maintenance (HTML)
  • Office procedures
  • Business communications
  • Business operations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project management
  • Event management