Gender Sexuality Alliance

April 24-28, we will be building awareness of issues surronding gender identity and sexuality, culminating in a day of silence on April 28.

1. Day of Silence: Students can sign up to participate during lunch. They will receive a sticker to wear on the day of silence, April 28, and information cards to hand out as explanation for silence.

2. Break the Silence: There are three boxes in the school: in the library, in guidance, and at lunch. Students can share a story anonymously of how they have been silenced in any way for their sexuality or gender identity. Alternatively, they can share a positive experience of how they were supported. Students can also share stories as witnesses.

3. Awareness: Each day, at sign ups, there will be information about gender identity and sexuality issues, history, literature, and resources for those intersted.

Contact Mrs. Silveira in D311 with any questions, or e-mail her: