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Assabet Valley

Regional Technical/Vocational School District
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Summer Assignments

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Assignments are due the first day of academic classes: August 31st for grades 9 & 11, September 5th for grades 10 & 12

Students who complete summer assignments will receive extra credit to start the year. We offer face-to-face summer assignment support here at Assabet over the summer. If you are interested in your child attending one or more of these sessions, contact Rob McCann, the Director of Academics at

Other summer activities at assabet

Other summer activities at assabet

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Summer Youth Program

Assabet Community Education (ACE) runs the Assabet Career Discovery Experience. Program information can be found on

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Summer School

Please reach out to your child's teachers if you have any specific questions regarding their progress. Guidance will meet with students who require summer school and send a flyer with dates, times, etc. to their parents/guardians directly.



Mr. McCann, Director of Academic Programs & Title I | 508-263-9605
Diane Rohr, Assistant to the Director of Academics | 508-485-9430  


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